Welcome to our Processes and Information resource site. 

It is the goal to provide a One-Stop-Shop experience to get the answers you are looking for.

It is organized as follows:
Home Page– important overview information

Welcome Page– new team members path to learning their new job

Office Resources Page- the how to about the the space and equipment

Office Process Page over view of Sharepoint, Salesforce, training links

Administrative Division- the processes for each job role for our administrative team members

Coordinated Services Division the processes for each job role for our CS team members


Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Values

We partner and create relationships with others to coordinate physical access, communication, and safety services in Minnesota.

 ConnectAbility of MN empowers people with physical and invisible barriers to achieve their potential.

  • Be Empowering 

  • Be Empathetic 
  • Be Collaborative 
  • Be Accountable 
  • Be Honest 
  •  Be focused on the Person before the Process 
  • Be Respectful 
  • Be Innovative 
  • Be Inclusive

Diversity Statement

ConnectAbility of MN centers on equity as one of its organizational values. Equity to us means that all people; regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or physical or invisible barriers, have equal value and opportunity to participate fully in all dimensions of their lives and reach their potential. That commitment begins inside our own organization.

We are open to all conversations and situations that help us to Do Better. Through critical examination of the values, policies, and practices that drive both our internal culture and external engagements, we will strive to propel, rather than impede, progress for the communities we serve.

Who are we?

We are a team!  You are are a team member.  We are all part of the story of ConnectAbility of MN.

Good Information and the WHY behind it.

Module 1 Our Culture
Information Unit 1 A great place to be
Module 2 Who is charge?
Information Unit 1 Who is running this place?
Information Unit 2 Where do I go with questions? or ideas?
Information Unit 3 Who makes the decisions?
Module 3 Vocabulary
Information Unit 1 What we say
Information Unit 2 What did you say!?!
Information Unit 3 Definitions
Module 4 Resources Regarding Disabilities
There are no units in this module.
Module 5 Communication on a human level
There are no units in this module.